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Sketch W Friends v2.0 Released With Lots of Updates

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 02:25 AM PDT

Sketch with Friends Sketch with Friends3

While I was out for Passover Sketch W Friends was updated to v2.0 and really upgraded the quality of the game. They have now added a feature for paid users to be able to setup private rooms along with playing up against a computer. There is also a new moderation system and other tweaks. John sent in this change log for the update:

  • Friends & Family: Private Rooms where you can invite your Facebook friends to play, with a maximum limit of 8 people per room. This feature is available only for paid users.
  • Artistry: A special drawing zone where you can draw at length and share your sketches on Facebook and Twitter. We are planning on hosting some contests around this feature on our Facebook page so start sharpening your drawing skills right away and make sure you are connected to us on Facebook
  • Me vs Bot: Not in a mood to draw? No worries; brush up your gaming skills against our friendly robot and have fun!
  • Moderation System: Users will now be allowed to ban other players only when they unlock the Moderator or the Super Moderator levels. These are special privileges awarded to fair players based on several parameters. Oh and did we say, if you don't play fair your level keeps downgrading automatically
  • Clues for guessing the word.
  • Color Palette: An all new color palette with a whole range of colors including the color brown.

You can pick up the premium version of Sketch W Friends here or the free time based trial here.

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Gist for BlackBerry v1.7 Released As They Share Their Growth After Acquisition

Posted: 15 Apr 2012 07:57 AM PDT

Gist for BlackBerry

Gist was acquired by RIM about a year ago and since then they have done an amazing job of bringing their contacts app to the native BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0. They also just rolled out v1.7 of their app for BlackBerry smartphones with loads of improvements. They most significant of all of them is "overall account performance and reliability which is always good. Check out the change log below. I also recommend checking out their write up of their success since being acquired by RIM.

Overall Account Performance & Reliability

The Gist for BlackBerry app received major performance and reliability improvements this release. You will notice a significant increase in speed and reliability upon the initial load of contacts from various sources (Contacts app, Calendar app, email, Twitter, and Facebook) and pulling all of their social information and news from the web.

We now pull new contacts from your social accounts into Gist more often. So you will see a new Facebook friend or someone you've followed on Twitter appear faster in your Gist account.

The "Get the Gist" option from the Contacts and Calendar apps is not only faster, but also more reliable. The app is also much faster when navigating the tabs within a contact profile.

New Features

The "Get the Gist" feature now works on contact groups in the BlackBerry Contacts app. Simply open the Contacts app on your BlackBerry, highlight the group, press the BlackBerry menu button on your device and select "Get the Gist". The Gist app will open displaying the list of people in your contact group. From here you can easily navigate profile information and social updates to learn more about the people in your group.

Bug Fixes

We received many requests from our users for more detailed messages within the app. We have added these messages in this release. You will now be prompted to sign in, check your internet connection and such, instead of receiving a generic error message.

What's Next?

Now that we are caught up on bug fixes, we will begin working on additional Gist for BlackBerry features! Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks and please suggest a feature here!

Pick up Gist v1.7 here in App World

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