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aVNC by AiFlex VNC Remote Desktop Player for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Posted: 09 May 2011 02:12 AM PDT

aVNC PlayBook aVNC PlayBook2

While I am still waiting for LogMeIn to bring their remote desktop app to the BlackBerry PlayBook until then we have a solution. aVNC by AiFlex is a relatively cheap ($2.99) remote desktop solution that works with the very popular VNC protocol to let you connect to practically any machine. That means you can use your BlackBerry PlayBook to remotely control any of your machines running VNC.

aVNC PlayBook3 aVNC PlayBook4

Features include:

  • Access any computer remotely – With the IP address and a password you can access any computer remotely. Ideal for System administrators, IT Managers, Helpdesk and support staff for easy multi-platform and sever connections
  • Secure Access – Access remote machines with password protected VNC
  • Full Keyboard Support – Use your on device soft keyboard, swiping up from bottom right bezel corner to input characters to your remote computer
  • Mouse Support
  • Control+Alt+Delete Ability
  • Multi OS Support – Windows, Mac, Unix Remote access. Access your files, e-mails, documents, edit and view
  • Convenience – Stores the previous 20 IP addresses and computer URLs for easy reconnection
    • Direct type input
    • Zoom mode for more convenient view and working
    • View with read only option

You can find aVNC in App World at this link. Let us know if you spot anything better!

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