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Review: The Weather Channel App

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 01:05 PM PDT

Different people have different requirements for weather news, so the perfect weather app for any given person might not fit someone else that well. Because of this, to be sure that you have the best weather app for you, you’ve really got to put in some legwork on your own. That said, I can tell you why I find the Weather Channel’s app to be really good.

When I’m browsing online for weather information, my go-to site is usually, which is run by the  same folks that made this app. Like on their website, with this app, essentially any weather information I need, including (importantly) precipitation and temperature likelihood for the next ten days is just a couple of clicks away.

Perhaps the best feature is  the weather map which has the Doppler radar  area overlaid on a map of the area. If it’s raining, by looking at the map you can see if you got hit by some scattered showers or if you’re in the middle of a massive storm. There’s also an “animate past” feature on the weather map, which shows the movement of the radar over the last few minutes (which should show you in which direction a storm is headed). This feature does seem to work (especially if the storm is a fast-moving one), but the movements are rather jerky and not that pleasant. (I’ve seen better online, but this is mobile.)

The app also has a bunch of other cool features. In two clicks, I can find out if there are any severe weather alerts in my area (there aren’t), how the weather is at local airports (it’s fine) and what the weather is in different locations (by zipcode). There are various options, as well. I can see my temperature in Celsius or integrate the weather into other BlackBerry features by adding the weather menu to my address book and calendar. Essentially, it’s a good app for me because it gives me my current, and 10-day weather and affords me the opportunity to watch animated radar of my local weather. But to see if you like it, you’ve got to check it out.
All in all if you are looking for a solid free weather app for your BlackBerry check out The Weather Channel free in App World and let me know what you think is the best weather app for BlackBerry.


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The BlackBerry PlayBook Experience

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 08:50 AM PDT

Nestled in an out-of-the way storefront in Chelsea stands – for two weeks – what was intended to be a mecca for New York technology fans. The northeast corner of 10th Avenue and 15th Street, in an area more known for its art enthusiasts than its digital diehards, has been housing the BlackBerry PlayBook Experience Center since July 10 and will continue to do so until the 23rd. And if you’re interested in seeing what, exactly, the PlayBook has to offer, there’s no better place for you to go and find out.

Perhaps in recognition of the neighborhood in which it stands, the PlayBook Experience Center has things to offer other than simply tablet education. As the schedule of events indicates, the Experience Center is a place to experience more than just the PlayBook – various insiders from music, yoga, fashion and other industries have been (and will be) making their way down to the PlayBook Experienence Center over the two weeks to showcase their skills. (And perhaps more importantly to some of the attendees, when I was there there were also free alcoholic beverages given to those who came into the Experience Center.)

But the real star of the show was the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Though diminutive in size (it has a 7″ LCD display, much less than the iPad’s 9.7″), the PlayBook has significant power which the BlackBerry techies were more than happy to show off to all the drop-ins. The nice-sized room had around 15 PlayBooks sitting there available for sampling. In an attempt to figure out what really makes the PlayBook noteworthy, I spoke to a few of the BlackBerry attendants to try to get different opinions on what features make their product truly shine.

Based on the aggregate comments that I heard from the BlackBerry folks, it seems that – like their smartphones – their tablet is ideally designed for the business-oriented (i.e. that the product is a tool, not a toy). Some of the better features that they said their device had were the ability to utilize “Docs to Go” as well as a feature called “Print to Go”  (which lets you “print” things from a computer to the PlayBook). One of the other features mentioned by numerous BB employees was the ability to use a BlackBerry phone as a remote control for the PlayBook (the phone and PlayBook being connected by Bluetooth). Under certain circumstances, like when the PlayBook is hooked up to a larger display screen, this could be really useful. One of the techies demonstrated this for me and it looked pretty awesome. (Though there seemed to be a real focus on the “useful” features of the PlayBook, the employees were also clear in pointing out the gaming and e-reading capabilities of their device.)The crowd inside the Experience Center was not too large to navigate – it looked like there were around 65 people there (including employees). But the crowd, I was told, fluctuated somewhat based on the other attractions there on any given day, and on a few occasions the Experience Center closed well later than its 7:00 scheduled closing time on account of the energetic atmosphere.

In one corner of the Experience Center they were selling BlackBerry merchandise. There was also a promotion giving away free accessories to people who purchased PlayBooks there. (The deal sounded good, but I didn’t investigate too much – I was focused more on features than on freebies.)

All told, the BlackBerry PlayBook Experience Center seemed like a hit. Its primary purpose, as a place for potential customers to learn about the Playbook tablet, was certainly accomplished. In addition, they also managed to raise the total number of entrants by branching out and featuring DJs, authors and the ever-alluring alcohol. Though Chelsea is hardly the world of high tech, for two weeks one storefront on the corner of 10th and 15th does its best to right that wrong.

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Web Toolbar Adds More Engines to Universal Search in OS 6.0+

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 08:49 AM PDT

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One of the things I wish RIM would allow users to do in OS 6.0+ is create your own universal search options. There have been a few apps that let you do that and the latest to join them is Web Toolbar by Mobato. It allows you to either user the universal search in OS 6.0+ or their own search box to automatically get answers. It has built in engines for wikipedia, Google translate, LinkedIn, Flickr, IMDB, YouTube, and more. I am personally a Quicklaunch fan but this may be worth a look.

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They have a free 7 day trial after which you can get the full version for $1.99. Let us know what you think of it!

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Free Running Flame Side Scrolling Game for the PlayBook

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 08:01 AM PDT

Running Flame 

If you have gotten a bit tired of "Run in Crowd" you may want to check out Running Flame. Jessie let me know about this new game from MangoLab Studio which offers up similar gameplay. You are running through five levels through five continent themed obstacle courses while catching the power ups to make the distance.

Running Flame2 Running Flame3

Check out Running Flame free in App World. It sort of fits in with the Olympics which are right around the corner.

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Giveaway Winners: 25 Copies Of Photo Studio Pro

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 07:36 AM PDT

Earlier this week, the guys over at KvadGroup updated their highly powerful and useful application Photo Studio. To celebrate the update of their application and official launch of the Pro edition for the Playbook, the awesome guys over at KvadGroup has given us 25 copies of the Pro Version for the Smartphone to be given away. Now, we have the lucky 25 winners!

The main features of Photo Studio Pro include:

  • BBM Connected! Share your photos directly from Photo Studio.
  • Base photo operations: brightness, contrast, RGB color adjustment, hue, saturation and transform operations: resize, rotate and crop.
  • 115 unique effects in categories: 'Simple toning', 'Old Style', 'Vintage', 'Summer mood', 'Sketch', 'Lomo', 'Blur' and 'Art'.
  • Apply set of beautiful digital frames to your photos with packs: 'Christmas Frames 1', 'Christmas Frames 2' and 'Frames Pack 1', ‘Valentine’s Day Frames’, ‘Summer frames pack’.
  • PicFrames helps you combine multiple photos into amazing looking frames with 60 templates.
  • Color Splash editor: create stunning artwork with your photos by removing or changing colors! (Only available for touchscreen devices)
  • Share photos with Facebook, Twitter and Messages applications installed on BlackBerry.
  • Open API for developers: now you can integrate your application with Photo Studio.
  • Supported languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Dutch. Contact us if you want localization to your native language.
  • PRO version includes unlocked packs 'Effects Pack 1', 'Frames Pack 1', ‘Christmas Frames 1′, ‘Christmas Frames 2′, ‘Valentine’s Day Frames’, ‘Color Splash editor’, ‘Summer frames pack’ and PicFrames.

Now, if you have participated in our giveaway and was logged in and registered to participate in it, you could be a one of the winners. Check the list out!

  1. automan69
  2. frabas1
  3. grmonkey
  4. jin-n-juice
  5. petertinh
  6. FlightsimGuy
  7. briard
  8. Kris Fero
  9. deejayburnout
  10. icasper
  11. Vktr
  12. spartan2070
  13. jimsbag
  14. thedoctor78
  15. noname1688
  16. storm2rooperGBEE
  17. Steve
  18. tanzim
  19. 5h4d0w
  20. Stayce
  21. chiripio
  22. vladburac
  23. nck20
  24. collectees
  25. ilovepuffy

If you did not snag a copy about, do remember that you still can grab your copy in the BerryReview Store or BlackBerry AppWorld for just $3.99.

Thanks team KvadGroup!

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BlackBerry Application Resource Monitor Rolls Into the Beta Zone for OS 7.1+ Devices

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 05:53 AM PDT


The latest BlackBerry OS 7.1 builds already have the awesome BlackBerry Application Resource Monitor built in. On the other hand many users still do not have it on their devices if they are sticking to official carrier builds. RIM is stepping in with a opt in program in the Beta Zone. That means you can submit your beta zone email and RIM can select you to be part of the beta. As RIM describes it "Application Resource Monitor is a service that will monitor third party applications to watch for background system resource abuse (which causes accelerated battery depletion) and will automatically close these applications."

You can sign up to join the beta program here. Keep in mind you must have OS 7.1 installed on your device (preferably OS to use the application.

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