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BerryReview.com Giving Back to the BlackBerry Community

Sling Golf for PlayBook Update Coming Soon! 3 New Courses and 2 New Characters!

Posted: 23 Jul 2011 11:04 PM PDT

Sandy Shores

Sling Golf is one of my favorite games for the PlayBook. The gameplay is smooth and intuitive. Its not too easy and not totally impossible. And its a great way to pass the time.

After playing the 3 courses many times, I am hungry for more. I know at least some of you are feeling the same way. Lance recently commented on a post about Sling Golf published back in April that he's excited for the promised update to arrive. The picture above shows one of the new courses that will be available soon.

When can we expect the update? What are the new characters?

Haunted Hollow

Lance's comment prompted me to check with my friend at BoltCloud who promptly let me know about the impending update. If the App World approval process goes smoothly, we could see an update as early as this upcoming weekend. That means by July 29th or 30th, you could be slinging (or maybe hacking) your way through Sandy Shores, Haunted Hollow, or Fall Frenzy! That's 27 more holes of ball whacking, bird smashing fun!

Fall Frenzy

From what I've heard these new courses are tough, but fun, which I'm happy to hear. I'm looking forward to trying to figure them out and take aim at those lovely, score saving birds. Joining the Robot, Monkey and Monster are a Lion and Polar Bear. Here's what they look like.


A few other notable features that will be added in this update are:

  • animated transitions between the new courses
  • links to Facebook, twitter and YouTube
  • a "Buy Full Version" button on the Sling Golf Lite product

You can pick up Sling Golf for your PlayBook at App World. I highly recommend it. Once you have purchased the full version, this update will be completely FREE! So go grab it now and practice up on the first 3 courses!

Get Sling Golf for $2.99! Free 30 day trial available

Get Sling Golf Lite for Free! Unlimited access to the first course only.

Learn more about Sling Golf here, here, and here.

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