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DataVault Password Manager v4.7.1 Adds OS 7 Support & More

Posted: 13 Sep 2011 01:39 AM PDT


Ascendo DataVault Password Manager is currently one of the best password managers for BlackBerry. They just updated their suite with the BlackBerry app going to v4.7.1 and the Windows desktop app going to v4.8.17. This new update adds support for BlackBerry 7 devices and their higher resolutions. Here is the change log:

DataVault for BlackBerry (v4.7.1)

  • Support for BlackBerry OS 7
  • Added high resolution screen graphics
  • Fixed registration issue for OS 7 devices
  • Added 10 new icons; Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Bank of America, etc.

DataVault for Windows (v4.8.17)

  • Added support for Firefox 7
  • Fixed issue with Windows 7 64-bit
  • Added Search Settings to specify which fields to search in
  • Improved Synchronization Settings and alerts
  • Added 10 new icons; Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Bank of America, etc.

If you don't already own a copy you can pick up Ascendo DataVault desktop sync bundle for $29.99 in the store

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Review: Scosche freeKEY Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Posted: 12 Sep 2011 03:00 PM PDT

2083.14631.600x400.BTKB_rollRecently Scosche released a bluetooth wireless keyboard that only requires a device with a bluetooth pairing mode to work. It is designed with mobility in mind targeting tablet devices. They sent us one to review and luckily all though not official supported the keyboard works on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Package: The package it came in is simple, folded into a small box, with an instruction manual and a retractable mini USB cable for charging the keyboard.

Getting started: First thing is to charge the keyboard if is not fully charge yet. You do not need to install any special software or app on the PlayBook. Once it is paired the Key board you can turn it on and off as needed and the PlayBook automatically connects to it.

Pairing: To pair the keyboard you need to turn on they keyboard by pushing the connect button once, a red star will light up o the right side next to it. Once you see it lit, go to the bluetooth options on the PlayBook and make sure the device is set to discoverable. Then click add new device. When the PlayBook lists the scosche keyboard click on it to pair and it will give you a number; that number you will type it on the keyboard and hit enter when you are done. The keyboard should be paired, you can test this by typing something using the keyboard.

Specifications and Features:

  • Advantages and Applications -The freeKEY makes typing with your device easy and efficient. You no longer have to struggle while completing emails or getting work done away from your desktop computer. The extremely long lasting battery will provide up to 60 hours of life before having to be recharged.
  • Convenient Design Flexible and water resistant, the freeKEY tucks away into your purse or messenger bag pocket while taking up hardly any room. Along with your iPad, the innovative design of the freeKEY enables it to be used with your iPad 2, iPhone, tablet, laptop and more.
  • Simple Use With up to 30 feet of wireless range, this water resistant wireless keyboard will be great to unroll whenever you need it. The included retractable cable allows you to keep the freeKEY always charged and ready-to-go.
  • Support Profiles: Bluetooth 2.0, HID
  • Rugged high quality silicone material repels dust and liquids
  • Up to 30 ft of wireless range
  • Wirelessly type on your mobile devices
  • Supported OS: Mac OS, iOS, Android*, Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista & 7
  • Battery Specs: Built-in lithium-ion battery, Charging time: 2 Hours, Battery Life: 60 Hours, Standby Time: Up to 30 Days, Operating current: <3mA
  • **Requires HID Bluetooth profile


Usability: The keyboard feels soft and a bit different since is the first time using one like this one. The keyboard is big enough to type like you would on a regular keyboard. The size is good enough where the user does not feel as if they were typing on a miniature keyboard. It has good enough space between the keys that you can type fast enough using both hands. The more you use it the more you get use to typing on it.

I found that the keyboard works great when testing it with other devices including an android device, the BlackBerry but I did noticed that in earlier builds of the PlayBook OS the PlayBook would lose the connection.  It is not the keyboard but it seems the PlayBook can only handle so many Bluetooth connections at once.  The latest OS updates seem to handle the connection much better without unexpectedly dropping the connection.

Using the keyboard at first feels weird because it is fairly soft compare to regular computer keyboards. After a while I got used to it and it feels comfortable typing on it. To put it to good use I decided to finishing this review using it with the PlayBook. When theuser types the keys give feedback you feel the keys click. It is more comfortable typing on it than a netbook keyboard.  One of the best part is that you can easily fold the keyboard and take with you anywhere. Combine these keyboard with a portable Bluetooth mouse, and you are set on the go. I use it to edit documents, and sometimes to type articles when I am away from home. RIM has improved the OS to support these devices recently because I noticed that when I am using a mouse it has an indicator showing what a right mouse click will do.

The other cool part of this keyboard is that you can easily charge from anywhere you can plug it to a USB connection. The battery last quite a bit so if you use it for periods of time it can last a while.  The design, and the functionality of the keyboard definitely make it a top choice if you are looking for one to use with your mobile device, be it BlackBerry PlayBook, or the competitors.


You can purchase the Keyboard from for $59.99 or Amazon where you can usually get it at a lower price.

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Why I Think RIM Will Succeed… The QNX Powered Comeback

Posted: 12 Sep 2011 01:03 PM PDT

Working Together

The last 12 months for RIM and the Blackberry brand have been HELL.  I trace the free fall back to the day the Torch 9800 was released just over 1 year ago.  I call that wake up day. That is the day for me that started RIM on the path that it currently finds itself in, with stock prices in the toilet, media/public perception being eroded and the RIM faithful having their loyalty tested.  It's when the critics and bloggers really started to RIP into RIM.  It is the day the public, including fans, started to grow inpatient with RIM.

We all know what happened since, the buggy OS 6 launch, the lackluster 9780 update… the Style… the Playbook without BBM/Email/Calendar, the delayed OS 7 launch etc etc… finishing off with where we are today, with the latest batch of OS 7 phones being on the market for a couple weeks.  Today we find RIM is in the middle of a rebuild, yet, the analysts keep calling out that RIM is dying and many blog sites keep perpetuating these stories, furthering the problem of RIM's image reconstruction.

There is no denying RIM deserved the criticism it got and needed the wake up call, but, I feel that wake up call has been heard and that the valid criticism and analysis has turned into rampant miss information and creative reporting by people who don't understand the future plans of RIM and how RIM is making the transition for the future.   I feel we are past the point of reflecting on why RIM got to this position, it has been beat to death, and it is clear RIM has already started to turn things around.

That is now why I write this piece.  I write this piece because… I feel…. things are different now since the OS 7 releases.   I feel that RIM is literally half way through turning the corner.  I feel that the majority of analysts either do not fully understand the mobile landscape as it stands today, are operating on months old information or have up to date information but don't understand it.  I also feel that there are some out there that know what RIM has in store, know the potential RIM has; however, they want to short the stock price and keep it down in an effort to make money for themselves or those they associate with.

What set me over the top and inspired me to write this opinion piece was the numerous articles that referenced Mr. Misek's analysis of all things RIM that came out a couple days ago.  It was such a brutal and out of touch analysis of RIM's situation.  It made Mr. Misek seem like he hadn't read any of the new news about RIM over the last 4-6 weeks.  The fact that it got so much play all over the internet bothered me.  Mr. Misek's analysis got so many thoughts running through my head that I felt compelled to write this piece… and what I want to write about is


This is purely my own opinion and it 100% relies on RIM delivering a solid QNX phone, the Colt as it's called today.  Given a solid Colt……. this is why I feel RIM will RISE.

OS 7 phones were not expected to make record sales

  • The main thing that critics are harping on these days with respect to RIM is the relatively moderate sales of OS 7 phones.  This is something that bugs me.  No one should have expected the OS 7 launch to set record sales, or get every iPhone/Android user to switch to Blackberry. The OS 7 launch should have had two goals: stop the bleeding of users switching away from Blackberry to iPhone/Android and keep RIM relevant in the consumer market.
  • As far as I can see, based on my observations, the OS 7 launch has achieved that goal.  Blackberry users are, by and large, choosing to upgrade to OS 7 phones, thus staying with Blackberry and the majority of positive reviews, especially around the 9900/9930 has given Blackberry a brief injection of coolness that it so desperately needs.  The OS 7 launch needed to keep Blackberry relevant, and, in the minds of consumers so far, it did that more than any other launch in Blackberry history.
  • Critics who don't understand the OS 7 launch goal, will look at the OS 7 launch as a slight failure and this is just plain wrong
  • The OS 7 launch has given Blackberry the extension of life it needs to take it to the Colt launch in early 2012

RIM has a loyal following in Canada, Europe and 3rd World countries

  • The haters like to discount the fact that RIM is still going very strong in Canada, South America, Europe and Asia.  They only look at the USA and then magically extrapolate to the rest of the world.  This is wrong and misguided
  • The critics like to use the example that the rest of the world will eventually move away from RIM, just like the USA has begun to, because they will realize Blackberries are too far behind the competition.  Given the upcoming Colt this assumption is wrong and this is how I break it down:
    • Today a guy in India/Pakistan/Vietnam (somewhere in Asia) is rocking a 9700 or 9300 (even an 8520 or 9000).  The critics like to make us think that in 2012 when he goes to get his new phone upgrade… he will see the current line up of Blackberries and decide they are too far behind the Android or iPhone offerings available to him and he will decide to switch to Android/iPhone…… THIS IS WRONG.  Why do I say this?  Well, because next year there will be a QNX phone that will rival the competition!   Critics like to think that somehow new Blackberry offerings like the Colt will not be available to the foreign markets, that old models like the 9700/9300/9800 will be the only models available in these markets and that the only high end offering available will be Android/iPhone offerings and that's plain wrong.  The Colt and other QNX offerings will be available!   Whether this is by RIM design or just RIM luck, second/third world countries will not be ready to buy high end products, like iPhone/Android offerings, until after RIM has their high end QNX phones on the market.   Thus, I conclude, that when these second/third world countries are able to purchase these phones and upgrade to the standards of phones used in North America, they will quite possible (and likely) stay with Blackberry, with whom they have lived with and have been happy with for so many years.  To suggest otherwise is without merit and goes against all current second/third world trends up to now
    • The critics like to think that RIM won't ever make a device that rivals or even leads the competition.  The Colt brings that hope and brings into doubt these complaints by critics
  • In addition to having a strong following overseas, one cannot discount the rabid and loyal following in Canada.
    • While us Canadians are limited by our small population when compared to the USA or overseas, we do support Blackberry more than anyone else and that is not going to stop anytime soon
    • The major carriers continue to push Blackberry and Blackberry continues to dominate the advertising landscape in Canada.  One only has to look to the current sponsorship of the Toronto Blue Jays and Rogers Sportsnet ( ESPNish for Canada)…. guess who….Blackberry.
    • Canadians are no where near turning on RIM and are out buying OS 7 phones based on my observations.  There is a huge buzz about the 9900 in Ontario for sure!!  This rabid following is not going away anytime soon and when the Colt hits, it will be devoured by the Canadian masses.

RIM still carries cache, tarnished cache, but still cache

  • Critics like to bring up numbers of how many users have left the Blackberry brand to go to Android/iPhone and these same critics like to assume that these users will NEVER come back to Blackberry.   I think they are wrong
  • I think they are wrong because Blackberry still, despite the last 12 months, has a lot of cache, identity, prestige, track record and reputation.  I think many people who left Blackberry, actually enjoyed the Blackberry experience and even miss certain aspects of Blackberry (email, keyboard, BBM etc.) but wanted a more robust app catalogue and media capabilities and are trying out the competition.  It is my opinion that many of these users are overall unhappy with the trade off of losing the benefits of the Blackberry OS while moving to iPhone/Android and would gladly come back to Blackberry if Blackberry is able to offer a quality, high end QNX phone that gives them all the media/app content as iPhone/Android has.  Since the Colt will hopefully have the android catalogue on launch and be able to deliver native apps easily, this shouldn't be a problem.  The rumoured additions of a front facing camera and BBM Video chat are also features that caused people to leave Blackberry for the competition.
  • I think this is especially the case with users that have switched to Android.  I have been of the opinion for a while that Android and Android users have no tech identity beyond a very small rabid tech programming geek community.  The average  Android user doesn't identify with the Android Platform nor does the Android Platform identify with the average user.  I think Android users are the ones that are most likely to switch back to Blackberry.  Android carries NO cache, no history, no track record and no loyalty in its users
  • In summary, while Blackberry won't be able to get everyone who left to switch back, I do feel they have a good chance to get a solid percentage to come back into the fold and become Blackberry users again

Android development will skip a beat

  • This is my personal opinion and as the days and weeks go by, my thoughts are being more and more confirmed.  Android development will slow in the next 12-24 months.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich, ICS, will hit in the coming months, and, we generally know that it will not be anything revolutionary, just incremental.  Beyond ICS, we don't really know what's coming.  With all the lawsuits and problems Android is having and given that they need to start running a hardware company all of a sudden, it is very much up in the air how much resources will go into Android going forward. Since the rumor mill is usually 12-16 months ahead of release dates, I am going to go out on a limb and say that Android 5.0 won't hit the masses until mid 2013 to late 2013.
  • This means that the QNX OS will have significant time to establish itself and compete with the Android OS before Android 5.0 comes out with any significant upgrades.  Given this, one could extrapolate that the QNX OS has the opportunity to leap ahead of Android with updates in late 2012, early 2013

RIM has a vision for implementing services outside the superphone/tablet space that no one else has

  • There has been a trickle of information coming out RIM campus, specifically involved in the integration of Blackberry products outside the superphone/tablet space.  The primary spot of development is in relation to in-car computer systems.
  • QNX has a long standing relationship with car manufacturers and have the track record and relationships that no other top mobile tech company has.  Cars companies are approaching a period where they want to be technology leaders and not technology followers.  Having integrated medic and car systems with access points in multiple locations in the car is the goal.  QNX is uniquely capable of this.
  • Given the 10's of millions of cars sold EVERY YEAR, this is a huge market that I feel Blackberry is very close to getting involved in.  Imagine every new BMW or Mercedes with an integrated Blackberry QNX system.  When you seriously take a step back and realize how HUGE this market is, its really exciting.  When you think of the millions of cars that could have Blackberry QNX systems in it… it is staggering, it really is amazing no mobile tech company has gotten into the industry yet.
  • Whoever is first to this race will likely be the winner and really, the two main players would be Apple and RIM.  Android is in no way remotely stable enough to get into this business and Microsoft's OS is way too new and unpopular to enter the space.  If RIM can get into this segment of the industry first, they have a strong chance of being the dominant force in the industry.  QNX gives them that head start that Apple doesn't have

RIM just revamped the team

  • Critics like to still write articles that RIM is behind the times, stubborn in their ways, old ideas, stale ideas etc etc, this simply is not true.  There have been several high ranking changes in leadership in the last 60 days and several more slightly lower ranking changes .  With additional moves likely to come in the next 2-4 months, RIM is on its way to having a whole new talent pool in senior positions so critics claiming RIM is stale, are just off base.

The above 6 points lay the foundation to allow RIM to make their comeback; however, lots of hard work and execution needs to happen with the QNX phone launch to capitalize on these foundations.    There are some key areas they need to execute on:

  1. The Colt needs to hit in 1st quarter 2012
  2. The Colt needs to have high end specs in every area.  That includes:
    • Dual core
    • HD screen
    • 8 MP camera (with autofocus lol)
    • 1 GB of RAM or more
  3. The advertising campaign has to be aggressive and new
    • With the Colt, RIM needs a brand new image, and with that comes a new advertising campaign.  Already we have seen the news that RIM is looking for a new ad company to run this campaign.  The Colt advertising campaign is where they need to invest the billions of dollars they have sitting in the bank.
  4. The Colt must come with a robust app catalogue.
    • With the the Android App Player and a more developed QNX OS app catalogue, this is very likely to happen
  5. The Colt's design and UI need to differ from past design, yet, be unique Blackberry
    • I am still of the opinion that the Colt should be a mini Playbook with all its textures and angles.  The majority of people feel the Playbook is the best designed tablet on the market, RIM needs to capitalize on that.  I feel the swipe UI of the Playbook needs to somehow be transferred to the Colt as it is a major plus and would set it apart from all other phones, just like the Playbook swipes set it apart from all other tablets.  We know ICS and iOS 5 will not have swipes of this nature, so the window is open

In summary, I believe the combination of the above 5 factors in RIM's favour and the execution on the above 5 areas will lead RIM into the future and beyond.

There are a great many people out there who have switched to Android/iPhone and want to come back to Blackberry, they just need a good reason, and the Colt has the potential to be that good reason. When putting things in perspective, RIM still has a huge fan base in North America and abroad.  This will not go away in the next 12 months, thus giving RIM its window to complete its turnaround.

The critics forget that the public, especially the American public, are very fickle consumers.  While it may not be in fashion now to support Blackberry, with a solid QNX Colt, it can still go back to being in fashion, just as it was before.  In the end it all comes down to execution.  RIM has a window of opportunity here that they are lucky to have:  Steve Jobs stepping down at Apple, HP shutting down webOS, Android under siege with lawsuits, this is the time for RIM to bust through with the Colt and take back the industry.

I for one will continue to anxiously await the next leaks of the Colt and all the new products put out by RIM.  I have faith that RIM understands its mistakes and is turning things around.  The next 12 months should be interesting!

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BlackBerry Bold 9790 “Bellagio” Caught On Camera Alongside a Bold 9900

Posted: 12 Sep 2011 11:38 AM PDT

  BlackBerry Bold 9790 3 BlackBerry Bold 9790 4

We have heard about the BlackBerry Bold 9790 (codename Bellagio) a few times but now we have it on camera right next to a BlackBerry Bold 9900 thanks to the BoyGenius. The Bold 9790 is sort of an alternative to the Bold 9900 but also packs a touchscreen along with Wi-Fi, 5MP Camera, 8GB storage, NFC, & GPS. They also think it is sporting the same 1.2Ghz processor. In other words it is the middle ground between the Bold 9900 and Bold 9700 models. What do you think of it? I am wondering what niche RIM is trying to fill with this device…

BlackBerry Bold 9790  BlackBerry Bold 9790 2

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RIM Expands BlackBerry MVS to Germany, Austria, Switzerland & France

Posted: 12 Sep 2011 10:01 AM PDT


For some reason RIM has been keeping a tight lid on their enterprise BlackBerry MVS (Mobile Voice System) to only North America and UK. That is until this week when they announced on their @BlackBerryBiz Twitter account that it is now available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland & France. They announced back in June that they were supporting the Avaya voice system to bring their support to the following voice systems:

  • Avaya Aura 6.1
  • Avaya Communications Manager
  • Avaya CS1000 Communication Server
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Mitel Communications Director

Check out more details about the BlackBerry MVS @ Thanks J for the tip!

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RIM Agrees to License Dolby AAC Tech to Settle Patent Lawsuit

Posted: 12 Sep 2011 08:42 AM PDT

Boxing Executives

We told you back in June that Dolby had sued RIM for patent infringement on many of RIM's products for using the HE AAC codec. RIM has been supporting the AAC codec for years but Dolby woke up and decided to sue. That lawsuit is now over according to the WSJ though the financial terms were not disclosed. You have to love when public lawsuits are used to get a company to pony up money. Here is what Dolby had to say:

"We are pleased to welcome RIM into Dolby’s family of mobile technology licensees. We believe in and will continue to protect the value of our intellectual property."

This is after their statement back in June:

"Litigation was regrettably our last resort after RIM declined to pay for the use of Dolby's technology," said Andy Sherman, executive vice president and general counsel of Dolby. "We have a duty to protect our intellectual property."

That is one less patent worry for RIM…

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Herman the Hermit Game for the BlackBerry PlayBook (Marmalade SDK)

Posted: 12 Sep 2011 07:40 AM PDT

Announce1 Herman Hermit

I am absolutely loving these slick Marmalade SDK games on the BlackBerry PlayBook. My latest favorite is Herman the Hermit from VisualDreams. This is their latest PlayBook Marmalade SDK port and the game is very fun and playable. You control a crazy hermit and help him make leaps from platform to platform. It will have you both laughing and enjoying yourself at the same time. Check out a video of the game at the bottom of this page to see what I mean.

Herman Hermit22 Herman Hermit23

Game features include:

  • Bright and beautiful visuals
  • Unique powerups
  • 60 Achievements and an in-game achievement list
  • Addictive and endless gameplay
  • Collectable trophies and a trophy room to admire them

Herman Hermit2 Herman Hermit21

You can pick up Herman the Hermit in App World for $2.99 at this link

Cross platform video trailer:


Desktop Video Link | Mobile Video Link

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Layar Brings Their Free Augmented Reality Browser to BlackBerry 7 Devices

Posted: 12 Sep 2011 06:54 AM PDT

372414 372416 372415

Judy let us know that Layer has released a version of their Layar Reality Browser for BlackBerry 7 devices. We knew the new augmented reality capabilities in BlackBerry 7 would bring some interesting apps but I have yet to see a really compelling one so I keep trying them out. Layar takes an interesting take on AR showing 2,000+ layers overlaid on your BlackBerry screen. You can also share your experiences on Facebook and Twitter to share your layers. They claim to also have 3D objects but I have not managed to see one yet.

Check out more details at or download the free app in App World. Check out an explanation of the service in their video below:

Desktop Video Link | Mobile Video Link

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BBMCP Comes Out of Beta With v1.0

Posted: 12 Sep 2011 06:47 AM PDT

BBMCP out of beta

BlackBerry Master Control Program (BBMCP) has been in beta since September 2008 and now 3 years later it is finally out of beta with two solid beta builds under its belt. There have been no major bugs in the last public release so they made it an official build. Kudos to the BBMCP team for making such a useful tool for BlackBerry device tinkering. The new v1.0 does bring a few small changes including:

Changes in MCP 1.0 Final – 9/11/11 – Codename: Seasons In The Abyss

You can pick up the updated release at these links: Standard / Portable or read more about it on the MCPFX blog.

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Stock Pictures of the Elusive BlackBerry 9980 R47 “Porsche Knight” FrankenBerry?

Posted: 12 Sep 2011 06:37 AM PDT

 BlackBerry R47 BlackBerry R47 2

I am still not sure what to make of this mysterious BlackBerry 9980 R47 rumored Porsche concept phone codenamed "Knight" but its entertaining either way. The latest out of China from BerryCN are some stock pictures of the device. Its kind of odd to check out stock pictures after seeing pictures and video of a device but who knows. They are still calling it a design concept but I am sort of weird-ed out by that fourth icon in this render? Anybody want one of these frankenberrys?

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Pixel Brains Releases Trickle Game for the PlayBook

Posted: 12 Sep 2011 05:45 AM PDT

trickle_ss_play04_640 trickle_ss_menu_640 trickle_ss_play01_640

Pixel Brain Games let us know that they have released their final Flash/Air PlayBook game before digging into the PlayBook Native SDK. This latest game is called Trickle and is a great puzzle game. Its nice and easy yet it grabs you in. You simply place the numbered drops on a grid for points and setting up "chain reactions" for points.

trickle_ss_play02_640 trickle_ss_play03_640 trickle_ss_leader_640

Game features include:

  • Three Difficulty Modes Choose from the Easy mode for beginners, a faster-paced Medium difficulty, or for the quickest games choose Hard mode.
  • Two Gameplay Modes Play Trickle Up or Trickle Down depending on your mood.
  • Global Online Leaderboards Compare your scores with your friends and others around the globe!

You can pick up Trickle for $1.99 at AppWorld.

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