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BerryReview.com Giving Back to the BlackBerry Community

BerryReview.com Giving Back to the BlackBerry Community

BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981 Makes it Through FCC with AT&T 3G

Posted: 08 Dec 2011 01:13 AM PST

BlackBerry Porsche P9981 closeup

I am not sure how many of you have been dying to pick up a BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981 but it looks like it will be coming to these shores soon. The device has been spotted passing through the FCC with both the AT&T/Rogers WCDMA 850Mhz and 1900Mhz 3G bands. No words on if carriers will actually sell the devices or just Porsche stores but for something around ~$2,000 for these puppies I don't know if they will have people lined around the block.

On the other hand if you haven't been sleeping right since RIM announced the BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981 and cannot wait to get your hands on it then you might not have much longer to wait…

via FCC via Unwired View

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BlackBerry OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9810 Found Online (Sort Of)

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 07:41 PM PST

BlackBerry Bold 9810 Wifi Hotspot

Well I want to say this is a leaked OS but its a little more complicated to install then a regular OS leak. The team at OSBB scored OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9810 which brings the Wi-Fi hotspot functionality many people were asking for. The unofficial installer they bundled it in requires you to install OS for the registry keys before installing this OS. You should then be able to load it with the work that OSBB has put into the installer to strip out many Thailand specific files.

You can check out the details over @OSBB if you are adventurous.

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Review: BlackBerry Curve 9380

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 02:47 PM PST

Curve 9380 front with plastic

I used the new BlackBerry Curve 9380 for testing purposes after RIM was so kind as to provide me with a review unit and today, y'all get to read my thoughts on this new little bit of BlackBerry hotness. Before we get into the review, however, I thought I would put a quick bullet point summation right here so if you want everything quick and dirty you get your wish.


  • Lightweight
  • Thin
  • Good battery life
  • Great screen.
  • Acceptably specs on the camera
  • Moved the Mute button from the top to between the volume buttons (side).
  • Speakers are LOUD
  • Autocorrect did a good job figuring out what keys I meant to hit.


  • Bottom buttons (Send, Menu, Escape, & End) are VERY hard to push.
  • Screen lock button on top, very hard to push.
  • Build quality.
  • Onscreen keyboard wasn't the greatest to use.
  • I never figured out HOW the autocorrect was learning so I didn't know how to train it properly.


This phone is tiny, so tiny it is hard to believe it is a piece of advanced technology and not a toy. It is light to hold in your hands or put in your pocket. It is thin so you barely feel it in your pocket when it is there and sometimes I felt myself checking to make sure it was actually in there. Great job on this front RIM!

To illustrate the thinness of this device I borrowed a friend’s iPhone 4 and held the two together then took a picture of them from the side, check it out below.

Curve 9380 with iPhone4 below from side


The 9380 is the first BlackBerry device of the Curve lineup to not have a physical keyboard and that is where I thought we would start. BlackBerry devices in general (aside from the Storm series and now part of the Torch series) have always been renowned for their awesome physical QWERTY keyboards. I love using my Bold 9900 on a regular basis as its keyboard is just an absolute joy to type on. However, for the Curve 9380 BlackBerry decided to do away with the physical keyboard and go rely on the onscreen keyboard entirely as they did on the Torch 9850 and 9860.

I have not extensively used the aforementioned Torch devices so I cannot compare their onscreen keyboards to the Curve 9380's but, overall, I was not impressed with my experience on the 9380. The touchscreen was really responsive and the auto-correct did one heck of a job realizing what I meant as I typed but it just wasn't the same as using a physical keyboard which is part of what I love about my BlackBerry devices. The other thing which irked at me while using it was the way the keyboard had been designed. Case in point, in order to get to the "&" and "$" symbols I'd have to click the Number key to get the device to show numbers and then hit the Symbols key to get it to show the symbols. That was way, way too many steps. Beyond that, I don't know why RIM didn't feel the need to give us our "ALT" keys as they have on every other device so we can access numbers and symbols from the main keyboard. I found my typing efficiency dropped significantly and when it came time to attend a conference you best believe I switched right back to my Bold 9900 because I knew I would be tweeting up a storm that day and just couldn't take having all my attention devoted to trying to type on the Curve 9380 when I could touch type on the physical keyboard of my 9900.

BlackBerry 9380 keyboard & OS version


I tested the Curve 9380 with a Fido SIM card on the Rogers network in Toronto, Canada.* I found the earpiece to produce good sound and call quality was great. There were no complaints from my friends and family about the reproduction of my voice by the 9380's microphone. All in all, a great job by RIM for keeping one of the most important aspects of any cellular phone up to snuff – the actual phone.

*Rogers owns Fido and all Fido subscribers have service provided to them on Rogers' network as Fido does not operate its own.

BlackBerry Bold9900 Curve9380 Torch9800


I love that RIM has decided, on BlackBerry 7 OS devices, to move the Mute key away from the top of their device and put it between the Volume Up and Volume Down keys on the side. On the Torch 9800 I always found the top placement to be a huge pain as I would constantly put people on Mute by accident when using a headset and putting the phone in my pocket. The side buttons, while they took some getting used to, were quite good and very responsive. These included the "Convenience Key" as well as the Volume Up, Volume Down, and Mute keys.

What I wasn't a fan of, however, were the bottom line keys around the trackpad – the Send key, the Menu key, the Escape key, and the End key. I found these keys way too difficult to push. In fact, it almost felt as if I was going to flip the phone over and out of my hands when I pressed them. The same went for the Screen Lock key on top of the device. I felt it was just too difficult to push but, reflecting on it further, for that particular key which performs a locking/unlocking function that isn't such a bad thing.

Curve 9380 back with plastic


The battery life of the Curve 9380 was quite sufficient. I judge this based on how I use other devices and have yet to find a device by any manufacturer which I can take off the charger in the morning and use until I go to bed at night.

The Curve 9380's battery is the same JM1 model which gives you 1230mAh and is the same as almost all the other new BlackBerry 7 OS devices – the Bold 9930/9900, Torch 9860/9850, and Bold 9790 (the only exception being the Torch 9810). This will be great for anyone who wants to replace their battery in a year or so as it means there will be plenty of them on the market. However, if you’re a user of BlackBerry devices who is used to going days without plugging in your phone, I am sorry to say but the advent of touchscreens has killed this expectation and charging our phones nightly or more is now the reality.

One thing to be aware of is the way that RIM had to engineer the battery door. In order to open the door you have to get your nail under a little indentation on the left side of the device below the charging port. RIM did a great job illustrating this when you first get the device by including a white circle on the phone's protective plastic covering around this little indentation to indicate its importance to a new user. Great way to think ahead for the average user RIM! (See photo above to illustrate what I mean by this.)

It was also interesting to note that the Curve 9380's charging port is flipped upside down relative to every other BlackBerry's micro USB charging port. What I mean by this is that the wider part of the Micro USB is towards the top of the device so don't try and shove it in if it doesn't seem to fit when you first get the device, try flipping the USB plug over. I assume they did this for size purposes.

Curve9380 Unboxed


My review device came with a stereo headset, a Micro USB cable, and an international travel charger with 3 charging clips. I am told the providers will be selling the Curve 9380 across the board with a MicroSD card in the box but I did not receive one with my review unit.


At the end of the day this is a Curve device and not a flagship Bold. The 9380's processor is a relatively low 800 MHz for those of us coming to expect higher speed processors but given its placement in the marketplace is more than sufficient. I found the 512MB of memory to also be fine but required supplement of a memory card if you want to really use that camera. At times I found the device to be a little bit slow but I also realized that I was using an engineering/pre-release build of the BlackBerry 7 OS for this device so can't really pass any serious judgments.

To get a sense of just how new the OS/device was check this out: During testing my up-to-date version of BlackBerry Desktop Software for Windows didn’t recognize my device as a Curve 9380 until well into the testing phase.


The 3.2" HVGA+ touch screen on the Curve 9380 was a joy to use. In contrast with my Bold 9900 which I sometimes have a hard time using with my polarized sunglasses on I found the 9380's screen to have no trouble penetrating my sunglasses polarization even on a bright, sunny day. The touchscreen is smooth and responsive and I have absolutely no complaints about it. Everything about it just worked well.

For all you tech spec lovers, the screen is a 480×360 Transmissive (TFT) LCD display. The screen has a pixel resolution of 188 dpi (dots per inch).


The 5MP EDOF (Extended Depth of Field) camera which includes a flash and is capable of VGA video recording does a good job of capturing your memories. I have included comparison pictures of it with the photos taken on the camera of the Bold 9900's 5MP camera. I will say, however, that I found the 9900's camera to do a better job but, then again, the Bold is the flagship line and the Curve is not. For the money I think the 9380 does a great job capturing your precious moments.

For the purposes of the pictures below I took them seconds apart and as close to exactly the same as I could without using a tripod.

Toronto Police Court Services van taken with Curve 9380

9380 Toronto Police Court Services

Same van as above, photo taken with Bold 9900.

9900 Toronto Police Court Services

Building in Toronto, taken with Curve 9380.

9380 photo Toronto building

Same building in Toronto, taken with Bold 9900.

9900 photo Toronto building


As an all around smartphone for someone new to the world of BlackBerry I give this device a 7/10.

But, as a BlackBerry device I give it a 6/10 as I found so much of the BlackBerry experience relied upon a great keyboard and well-made keys.

Unfortunately, I didn't find well-made physical keys to be the case on this device. For someone new to the BlackBerry world this may be a great device providing BBM and PIM services as only a BlackBerry can but, at the same time, sticking with the touchscreen-only wave which has been sweeping the market. For someone used to their beloved BlackBerry keyboard though, this device isn't the greatest replacement unless you have a lot of time on your hands for the learning 'curve.'

For its placement in the market I think this will be a great holiday gift for a young adult just getting their first smartphone but for the serious business user and someone already addicted to the RIMethamphetamine from Waterloo, Ontario I don't think this will satisfy your desires. I could see this being a superb vacation/weekend device when you want to remain connected but not too connected. Without the physical keyboard I saw it more as a consumption device than a productivity device.

The device is currently available in Canada by Bell ($49.95 on a 3 year contract and $374.95 outright), TELUS ($49.99 on a 3 year contract and $369.99 outright), and Mobilicity ($299.99 outright). Be aware, however, that the Mobilicity incarnation uses AWS 3G (like T-Mobile USA) while the Bell and TELUS versions use the 3G signal that AT&T uses.

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BlackBerry Giveaways in NYC With “NYC Holiday Hookups from BlackBerry”

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 02:00 PM PST

image008   image007 

RIM is celebrating the holiday season in New York City this year with BlackBerry Teams roaming the city for "NYC Holiday Hookups from BlackBerry." The fun starts today until December 17th with BlackBerry teams around NYC doing exclusive giveaways. If you live in NYC or are visiting NYC keep an eye out for BlackBerry "Alerts" image006 and scan the barcode on the back to add RIM to your BBM list.

RIM will be promoting offers for BlackBerry users in New York giving away BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 devices, accessories, and coffee gift cards to keep you warm as it gets colder! Let us know if you spot anything. I will definitely be keeping an eye out when I am roaming the city.

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BlackBerry Porsche P’9981 Hands On

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 11:48 AM PST

BlackBerry Porsche P'9981+box & stand

When I was at the RIM campus in Waterloo I also got a chance to get up close and personal with the BlackBerry Porsche P’9981. I got some video and some pictures of it and my thoughts as well from briefly playing with it. As you can see in the above picture presentation is amazingly key with this hot device and it shows through the box alone. The thing is huge and for good reason – this phone comes with every accessory you’ve probably wished your BlackBerry came with right in the box.

The version of BlackBerry 7 OS running on the BlackBerry Porsche P’9981 which I got my grubby hands on was (2286) and the Vendor ID was 1 – which unfortunately tells us nothing because 1 is RIM’s Vendor ID and not assigned to any carrier.

BlackBerry Porsche P9981 with stand

The keyboard is not your average BlackBerry Bold, Curve, or Torch keyboard and is a design unto itself. I will be honest, though, the brief time I played with the keyboard on this device I thought while it looked amazing to the eyes I preferred my Bold 9900′s keyboard for day to day use. Then again, maybe if they let me use a P’9981 for a little bit longer I’d change my tune – only one way to find out I suppose. (And maybe someday I will!) I am not sure exactly what it was that caused this feeling but one thing I found weird was the “two-level” aspect each key had. Again, I have a feeling this was something I would quickly get used to if I had the chance but all I can give is my opinion based on what I saw/experienced in those brief moments.

BlackBerry Porsche P9981 closeupAs you can see, the version of BlackBerry 7 OS which is running on the Porsche P’9981 is specially skinned to reflect its special place in the BlackBerry lineup. All the icons, while familiar, are slightly changed versions of themselves and reflect the elegance of the design of this device. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some skins come out to reflect it when BlackBerry 7 themes are finally available.

Enjoy the video below of the BlackBerry Porsche P’9981 in action while we are being told about the industrial design and insights that went into each of the new devices in the background. Because we were in the middle of listening to the awesome people at RIM who made this all possible is why I don’t talk in the video itself. Enjoy!

Desktop Video Link | Mobile Video Link

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App World Changing Prices To Reflect Exchange Rates – Conversion Chart

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 11:25 AM PST

Conversion Exchange Rates

Since App World started rolling out in different countries we have had users complaining about the skewed rate conversion. For example, a $0.99 app in the US costs 0.99 £ in the UK which does not figure correctly with exchange rates. This also started screwing with App World developer payments based on what country they are from and where the customer purchases the app from.

RIM is now trying to address this by creating a price tier update. Here is how they describe it:

On Thursday, December 8th, we will be updating the pricing tiers in all 148 markets that we currently support. This price tier update includes updated currency exchange rates and integrates a weighted calculation of purchasing power. These updates will help to position your content items to be more competitive and attractive to customers around the world. The goal of this adjustment is to maximize revenue for you.

The price change is completely automatic and will not impact the availability of your content items to customers. You are not required to take any action. Enclosed is the pricing by country for each tier. Should you like to adjust the price tier for your content items you can freely do so within the BlackBerry App World vendor portal at any time.

Please note that if you make any changes to the pricing of your content items there will be a delay of up to 24 hours until the prices appear. Should you have any question please refer to the BlackBerry App World Vendor Management Guide here.

RIM has been kind enough to also include a new conversion chart for the new pricing tiers. You can check it out for yourself in this Google Spreadsheet we just made public or directly download the excel file here.

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Devs: Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 Released With Native Extensions & Captive Runtime

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 11:02 AM PST

Adobe Flash Builder 4.6

Adobe just blurred the line between native and Adobe Flash/AIR development on the PlayBook yet again with the release of Adobe Flash Builder 4.6. This update is a complimentary update for developers from Flash Builder v4.5 and adds what they call Native Extensions and Captive Runtime. I could try to explain them but I will let Adobe do the hard work:

  • Native Extensions allow developers to complement their Flex applications with native C, Objective-C, and Java libraries. With access to Apple iOS, Google Android, and BlackBerry Tablet OS APIs, your applications can take advantage of native features like notifications and the calendar. Flash Builder provides complete support for both managing and packaging Native Extensions. To learn more about the possibilities and how to build your own native extension, see Oliver Goldman’s article.
  • Captive Runtime provides a new way to package your applications, offering a streamlined on-device install experience that no longer requires an install or update to runtimes from the Android Market. Everything your application needs to run — on any device — is packaged directly into the native install file.

The new Flash Builder 4.6 also adds support for:

  • monitoring network for mobile projects
  • unit testing support for mobile projects with FlexUnit
  • and an improved Flash Builder start page that highlights new content and extensions.

If you have Flash Builder 4.5 and want a free upgrade or simply want 4.6 you can check it out here. I am really curious to see if this will allow developers to create native apps for the PlayBook with an Adobe AIR frontend…

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Rumor: BlackBerry 10 Codename Milan Picture Gets Outed

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 09:56 AM PST

It was just last week that they helped us with insight on the formerly BBX now BB10 line of phones scheduled for next year.  Now CrackBerry has come up with a photo of the assumed BlackBerry Milan.  It looks nice, but something about me it makes me question it.  It doesnt have the classic BB  button, is the iconic button a thing of the past?

Souce: CrackBerry

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Handster Android Marketplace Starting to Submit Apps to App World for Developers

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 08:34 AM PST

Repackage Android

While at DevCon I remember Kevin asking RIM's Alec Saunders if they are working with current Android catalog marketplaces to bring their catalog of Android apps en-masse to the PlayBook. RIM said back then that they were working on it just like they had with gaming SDKs for the PlayBook from Union, Marmalade, and others. Kevin just discovered courtesy of @wjddesigns that this might be happening sooner rather than later. Here is the email Handster (a division of Opera Software) sent out to developers:

From: Anna Golosovskaya
Date: Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 9:16 AM
Subject: Android Apps for BlackBerry PlayBook
To: wjddesigns.com</ANNAG@OPERA.COM>

Dear WJD Designs

Some good news from your friends at Handster! Starting December 7, 2011, Handster (a division of Opera Software) will begin submitting your applications to BlackBerry App World. Your apps will then be made available to BlackBerry PlayBook users through the BlackBerry App World storefront in early 2012. This will increase the distribution opportunities for your apps from Handster. For more information on the BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook, check out developer.blackberry.com/android.

There is minimal maintenance required from your side. Handster will take care of the verification process on apps, the conversion of APK files to BAR files, apps signing and retesting on BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. All you need to do is resize your application entry icon to 86 x 86 pixels to meet requirements for BlackBerry App World submission and submit us your updated APK file. We will start porting apps as soon as they come in and begin readying them for distribution, so be sure to be one of the first to submit your Android app for conversion.

If you have any new Android apps, please do let us know. Freeware apps can be updated by our content management team automatically. As for paid apps, please update them in your Handster developer account or send them to me via email. Our content managers will upload them in your developer account, and save you some time.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Anna Golosovskaya

Handster/Opera Software | Content manager

In other words Handster is going to be helping their developers submit apps to App World for them along with testing. I am not sure how great it will be to have another middle man between the developers and users but its a creative idea by RIM to expand the App World PlayBook catalog.

What do you think?

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OtterBox 9900/9930 Defender Series Back In Stock December 10th

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 08:00 AM PST

ScreenHunter_06 Dec. 06 17.21Over the last few weeks we have heard several speculations regarding the OtterBox Defender series not meeting customers expectations. We reached out to OtterBox regarding the Defender series out of stock status on their website and they were quick to answet our request.  According to the release they have taken then necessary steps to improve the design through minor design changes. Read below:

There have been limited reports that the OtterBox® Defender Series® for BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900 does not meet our high quality standards. After a thorough internal investigation, our testing indicates that any issues are isolated and unusual.

rbb4-9900s-20-1However, we are committed to providing an excellent customer experience, so today we are announcing minor enhancements to improve the product. Protective foam has been added to the interior of the case to provide a cushioned, custom fit. The holster-style swivel belt clip has been adjusted to allow for easier functionality when securing the case and the "sleep" magnet has been recessed further into the clip.

Inventory is expected to be back in stock Dec. 10, at which time you will notice a new product number listed on www.otterbox.com. Any customer concerned with their current Defender Series for BlackBerry Bold 9900 is encouraged to contact customer service (customer.service@otterbox.com or 855-688-7269) for assistance. We are committed to our customers and will address their needs as best we can.

If you are a current 9900 Defender user and have concerns simply contact them through the methods mentioned above.

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Wikitude Expands Support to Include BlackBerry OS 6 Devices

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 07:20 AM PST

Wikitude Map Wikitude Map2

Wikitude initially rolled out their augmented reality browser with BlackBerry 7 devices taking advantage of the augmented reality enabling compass. The app is preloaded on BlackBerry 7 phones which gave them a large footprint. Now they are expanding that footprint by releasing Wikitude for BlackBerry OS 6.0 devices. This variant gives you all of the features of Wikitude except for the augmented reality which requires the compass. It does let you look around you for BBM friends and more including:

  • Find cafes, pubs, events, tweets, Wikipedia articles, ATMs, restaurants and much more around you
  • Browse more than 150 million places and interactive content
  • Explore and identify places, monuments and objects around you
  • Search for specific places, for example "thai restaurant"
  • Find mobile coupons and discounts for stores and shops near by

You can pick up Wikitude for BlackBerry OS 6.0 free in App World or read the release below:

Wikitude Expands Support for BlackBerry Smartphones

The BBM connected app now supports BlackBerry 6 OS and higher, and is available in BlackBerry App World starting today

As part of BlackBerry® Dev Con Asia taking place in Singapore this year, Wikitude has announced additional support for smartphones running on the BlackBerry® 6 operating system (OS). With Wikitude being preinstalled on all new smartphones running the BlackBerry 7 OS, bringing Wikitude to smartphones running BlackBerry 6 will help answer considerable demand expressed by users who want to experience Wikitude's extensive content offering including more than 2,000 content Worlds consisting of approx. 150 million places around the globe. Users of the popular BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700, 9780,9788 and BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphones can download Wikitude on BlackBerry® App World™ starting today.
Although smartphones running BlackBerry OS 6 do not support the Augmented Reality view, which requires specific hardware features available in BlackBerry 7 based smartphones, the Wikitude app does fully integrate with BBM™ enabling users to find their BBM friends on a map and to communicate with one another based on their location. Users opting to allow their whereabouts to be displayed can even make new friends.
After being crowned "The Most Addictive Social App Using the BBM Social Platform" at BlackBerry DevCon Americas in October, Wikitude most recently won the BlackBerry® EMEA Innovation Award for "Best BBM Connected App", awarded in Alicante 1stDecember. "Extending the Wikitude platform to millions of BlackBerry 6 smartphone users will make the BBM experience richer than ever before. We are extremely happy to finally bring this version of Wikitude to even more BlackBerry smartphone users," says Martin Herdina, Wikitude's CEO.
Alec Saunders, VP Developer Relations, Research In Motion, said: "We're delighted that Wikitude has integrated BBM support within their app. Integration with BBM can allow much greater viral discovery for apps, as well as enrich and transform the user experience with important social elements."
About Wikitude
Wikitude GmbH are the creators of the world's first mobile augmented reality (AR) platform and the company behind the internationally renowned Wikitude World Browser for iOS, Android, Symbian, and BlackBerry devices. The browser has been voted "Best Augmented Reality Browser" by the readers of Augmented Planet for both 2009 and 2010. Wikitude is leading the international AR technology standardization as part of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OCG). More information on Wikitude here:www.wikitude.com
Wikitude is available on BlackBerry App World here: appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/50381

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RIM Announces BlackBerry World Conference Dates in Orlando Florida

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 05:52 AM PST


RIM has come out an announced the dates for BlackBerry World 2012 which is once again being held in Orlando, Florida. The dates are May 1st through 3rd and you can check out more details at www.blackberryworld.com. This is going to be a huge event for RIM since it will most likely coincide with the launch of BlackBerry Fusion and BBX smartphones.

So make sure to mark your calendars!

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Android Market, Email, & Google Apps Shown Off on BlackBerry PlayBook

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 05:06 AM PST

  PlayBook Root2

The Dingleberry team has been showing off what exactly you can pull off with their Dingleberry exploit. Thom let me know that one of the Dingleberry devs, @neuralic, posted a nice video showing off how he got Android Market, Android email, and Android Google Apps onto the PlayBook. In his demo he is using an Android launcher and the Android Market installs apps like Astro file manager.

PlayBook Root23 PlayBook Root

Google talk works and a other apps even with notifications built into the PlayBook which is nice. This is all being done on the latest PlayBook v2.0 developer beta which unlike the main release has not been patched for this vulnerability.

Desktop Video Link | Mobile Video Link

@neuralic also explains why some people may have been having issues:

I made a small mistake: the putty tool used to convert keys is called puttygen and is not included with dingleberry. You can download it along with putty itself at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/. Use this to convert the file named "rsa" in your dingleberry folder to a .ppk file which putty and winscp and similar tools can use. You can then log in to your root with these tools using "root" as the username and the .ppk file that you made as authentication.
The instructions on how to enable google apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook can be found at http://pastie.org/2974406. I’ll make a video covering these instructions at some point.

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Advanced Users: Dingleberry Jailbreak v2.1 Persists Root Access With Latest BlackBerry PlayBook OS

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 04:56 AM PST

DingleBerry PlayBook new

The Dingleberry team just followed through with their confirmation of jailbreaking RIM's first attempt to keep them out by patching the Samba exploit. The latest PlayBook OS has been jailbroken in a way using a new exploit. According to one of the devs on the Dingleberry team, @cmwdotme, this jailbreak actually has you downgrading to a previous OS than the latest OS using this method for setting up your own PlayBook update server.

dilbert Dingleberry hackers 2

Keep in mind this is only for advanced users but according to @cmwdotme the trick is to run the new Dingleberry v2.1 that you can find at www.dingleberry.it and:

  • before you upgrade to the latest OS a then Login via devuser and run /tmp/setuidgid root /bin/sh to gain root
  • Once you confirm you have root access you can then upgrade to the latest v1.0.8.6067 and you will still have root access persisting

It should be interesting to see what exploit this latest Dingleberry is using to persist the root access now that RIM has patched the Samba exploit. Let us know if you figure it out!

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