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BerryReview.com Giving Back to the BlackBerry Community

BerryReview.com Giving Back to the BlackBerry Community

Foodspotting Re-Releases Their BlackBerry Smartphone App

Posted: 23 Feb 2012 02:38 AM PST

 Foodspotting BlackBerry

I am not sure what the story is with this one but Foodspotting released their BlackBerry app back in October of 2011 and then shortly removed it from App World. Then then sent us an announcement at the beginning of this month that their BlackBerry app was coming soon. Well now it is available! I am not sure what the story is behind the whole release but either way the app is pretty cool and works really well on the OS 6.0+ devices it supports.

Features include:

  • See the nearest, latest and best dishes around you
  • Search for a particular food that you’re craving
  • Bookmark foods you "Want" to try
  • Take photos of foods you love & share where to find them
  • Recommend foods others have spotted

Check our Foodspotting for BlackBerry free in App World

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FileScout & FileScoutLite Celebrate Their 3rd Birthday Today With a Sale

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 02:20 PM PST


EmacBerrys FileScout & FileScoutLite are celebrating their 3rd birthday since they were officially released to the public. In case you are not familiar with them the premium FileScout and free FileScoutLite apps really tore through the market 3 years ago and rose to become the best file managers available for BlackBerry smartphones. It is hard to believe it has been 3 years since it first launched and there have been many improvements over the years.

EmacBerry let us know that they have put the premium FileScout version on sale for $1.99 in App World along with releasing a new updated FileScout & FileScoutLite (OTA here) for the occasion earlier this month. Here are the latest updates:

  • DevConEurope perceptions have been integrated (Thanks again D.Brown & G.Klaasen)

    This year in Amsterdam I have learned few more things about the BlackBerry JavaVM and how to behave as an app running in a BlackBerry device. After the event I have reviewed a lot of my code and made use of the new knowledge.

    Most of these changes are tiny little ones – which are hard to mention and explain – but the overall handling of the app seams to be much smoother.

    Just as one example here: When you rename a file and the complete file name will be marked. Once you decided to delete the complete old name then cursor position display will be finally correct in this new build.

    Another example is for touch devices where it could had happen that selecting a sub folder would had instantly marked a file in the directory that will be opened – this is finally solved in v2.8.0.2.

  • ImageViewer – The image pre-loading and caching of the ImageViewer have been completely reimplemented and should be now way more smoother and you should see the clock/hourglass way more seldom, if at all.
  • Image Thumbnail generation & loading – Also as consequence of the code review the original thumbnail loading and caching code have been thrown over board and has been created from scratch – I really hope you will notice the difference in the app.
  • Checking the 6MiB file size limit when sending file(s) via BBM™ – Sending files via BBM™ is limited to a maximal file size of six megabytes. When you try to send larger files in the current version of the BBM™ SDK simply nothing happens after you have selected the recipients. In order to avoid this confusing situation FileScout is already checking for the max file size limit and does not display the BBM™ in the ‘Send To…’ dialog if the file size limit is exceeded

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Review: Arctic Charging Station

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 12:32 PM PST


Rating: 10 out of 10 stars
Website: http://www.arctic.ac/en/p/detail/index/sArticle/520/sCategory/2195
Pricing: $29.95 (MSRP)

One of the newest Arctic products (they are well known in cooling and audio products) line is the Charging Station. Arctic was very kind to send us a review unit right after its availability. The package comes with the Charger Pro 4, 2 USB Power Extension Cables – 2m (6ft) each, plugs for US/Europe/UK, cable ties and a cable organizer.

Setting up the charger was a breeze, it has 4 USB ports. Simply plug the charger to the wall and plug your existing USB cables for your device to the charger and you are good to go. Arctic thought the product nicely. The two extension cables (they are specially designed with minimal power loss) allows you to run cables from behind your desk and the sturdy metal cable organizer hold your cables neatly. I loved the fact that Arctic even thought of including 8 small cable ties with the package, so you have everything neat and tidy.


The Charging Station is rated as 5V – 2.5 A, weighs only 81 gr. (0.15 lbs). With its 4 plugs, it can charge 4 devices at the same time and it does it fast. Most of the other USB chargers are rated around 0.5 to 1A (with the exception of Blackberry Playbook charger, which is also 2.5 A), so depending upon how many devices you are charging at the same time, you can get very quick charging times.


The cable organizer is stainless steel, very sturdy and it V shape crevices can accompany different cable diameters easily. Underneath it is a non-slippery felt material. So when it is on your desk/table, it is not going anywhere.


I like the included extension cables. These are specifically designed for power transfer. A regular USB cable at these lengths loses 2.71 volts, whereas these only lose about 0.23. This converts into quicker charge times.



Overall it is a well built product with lots of thought put into it and it works great with all my Blackberry phones, Playbook and other devices. I don't have to occupy 4 plugs for my devices and I can charge them quickly. You can get the Charger Pro 4 by itself for $19.95, but for an extra $10, you get the extension cords as well as the organizer. I highly recommend it.

- High powered unit quickly charges
- All in one solution, including extension cables and organizer

- I wish they included 4 extension cords, they work great.

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Twitter For BlackBerry 3.0 Hits Betazone

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 11:39 AM PST

Hot on heals of Facebook 3.0 this morning  in Betazone, Twitter for BlackBerry 3.0 also made its way in to Betazone.  It has been a great week for BlackBerry already, and it keeps getting better us!  For details and features be sure to read more after the break!

Here is what is new and what we can expect:

  • BBM Connected App Integration
  • New Tweet Layout
  • Twitter Photo Service Support
  • Automatic Link Shortening
  • Promoted Tweets
  • Improved Notifications for Wi-Fi Only Users

You can get your copy and more information from Betazone.

Please see below for known issues in Twitter for BlackBerry client version

  • Twitpic not loading on when viewing profile with BIS Social SIM
  • Loading spinner never disappears, when tweet is posted
  • Text is truncated when rendering in portrait orientation
  • Tweets are randomly Favorited when viewing another users Favorites

Thanks to Tashana for the tip.

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Free Dolphin Browser HD Comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook (Android Port)

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 10:35 AM PST


The popular 3rd party Android web browser, Dolphin, was ported by the Handster team earlier this month. I did not have a chance to try it when it came out but now that everybody is upgrading to PlayBook you might want to check it out. I find that it is a great alternative browser to the native PlayBook browser. It lets you do things like change your useragent that you cannot do on the PlayBook browser. On the other hand it is buggier and relatively slower though it does have some cool gesture based navigation.

IMG_00000042 IMG_00000043 IMG_00000044

Check out Dolphin browser HD for free in App World. Keep in mind you may see a white screen at launch if its the first time you have launched a Android Player app. Also make sure to rotate it to landscape after you go through the simple setup that only works in portrait.

IMG_00000046 IMG_00000047

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RIM Details Some of the Improvements in PlayBook OS 2.0 Browser for Developers

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 08:41 AM PST

PlayBook Browser

RIM has taken the BlackBerry PlayBook browser a huge step further in PlayBook OS 2.0 but they did not detail most of the updates. Now the web team has done a nice job of detailing why web developers can "now build stable web apps" as apposed to previously. They have also shared some of the nice perks and feelings as to why they think this will take HTML5 and BlackBerry WebWorks further.

Here are some of the new technologies they have baked in:

  • Support for WebGL, including 3D context and native binary data. Take advantage of Open GL ES technology and 3D graphics in your BlackBerry application content.
  • Updated Web Inspector is now designed with better debugging support. New features such as settings menu, network panel, contextual menus and pretty print JavaScript® make it easier for developers to debug and optimize their web content.
  • HTML5 canvas is now hardware accelerated, meaning it is designed for faster performance and higher frame-per-second (FPS) rendering of 2D graphics content.
  • CSS3 accelerated animations and transforms are now smoother thanks to high quality service improvements to graphics rendering for the engine.
  • Added FileReader API, which is designed to search, retrieve and display files from the BlackBerry Tablet OS shared folder, and helps integrate camera pictures, videos, music and documents from the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet into your web applications.
  • Improved HTML5 support including new form fields (keygen, output, meter) and input types (text, search, tel, url, email, datetime, date, month, week, time, datetime-local, number, range).
  • Enhanced XmlHttpRequest object adds support for text and array buffer response type

They also shared some of their Torch mobile and browser development teams sentiments in their blog post which are quite interesting:

"I know many web developers who now use the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet as their mobile development and testing environment of choice. The support for remote Web Inspector is simply awesome, and a year after we introduced it, remains a defining aspect of our approach to mobile web development. We have made it even better!"

- Laurent Hasson, Technical Director, Web platform

"Personally I'm most excited about all the graphics and animation improvements (CSS3, HTML, canvas, WebGL). I think we're most proud about being able to bring the full web to tablet – proper implementation of the standards and specifications coupled with a rich, touch-friendly user experience."

- George Staikos, Vice President, Web Technologies

Check out the full details here in Adam's post on the subject

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Facebook for BlackBerry v3.0.0.6 in Beta Zone With BBM & More!

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 08:03 AM PST

Facebook Update2 Facebook Update

RIM has just revealed their latest update to Facebook for BlackBerry with v3.0.0.6. Ofutur let us know that they have released this new version in the beta zone with some major updates including BBM integration. They have also added a new Facebook Publisher feature to add your location, tag a friend, upload a photo, and share over BBM.

Check out the details below or pick up the update at www.blackberry.com/beta

BBM Connected App integration

Facebook for BlackBerry is now a BBM-connected app. When you connect Facebook with BBM, you can share your latest Facebook status and location check-in as your BBM Personal Message by simply selecting the Share with BBM icon from the Facebook Publisher. You can even access the Facebook app right from a BBM Profile by clicking on Facebook in the list of BBM-Connected applications.

New Facebook Publisher

With the revamped Publisher, users can now add their location, tag a friend, upload a photo with their status updates, and share with BBM. Users still have the option to control who can see each update they share using the Publisher Privacy Control that was implemented in v2.0.

Share with BBM Contact

The Share with BBM function has been added as a top-level menu item for ease of sharing News Feed items with your BBM contacts.

UI Discoverability Improvements

While you could always filter News Feed content to view only Status Updates, Photos, Links or All, recent user feedback has suggested that it wasn't easy to discover this option, so we've made improvements to make this function more intuitive in the Menu.

In response to user feedback, the Privacy Settings option has been made more prominent in the Options menu by moving it to the top of the menu. And Account Settings has been added to give you easy access to edit your basic preferences (e.g. login email) while using the application. 

Improved Facebook Message Notifications

In some instances, users were missing new message notifications due to Facebook's implementation of the new Messages service. Facebook message notifications are now refreshed frequently based on usage. This will ensure users receive any new messages that may not have been pushed to the device.

User-Friendly Error Messages

Additional detail is now available in error dialogues to explain the issue being experienced, which could possibly lead to customer resolution of the issue.

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Use Gmail to Sync Your PlayBook, Smartphone, and Outlook Contacts & Calendar

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 07:52 AM PST

Go Contact Sync Mod

One of the most common questions I have been getting since PlayBook OS 2.0 launched is how to sync your BlackBerry Smartphone contacts and calendar with your BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 apps. If you are on a BES with Exchange then this is no problem since activesync will take care of it for you but if you are not then you will immediately see the disconnect. I actually had to help a friend with a similar problem recently since Android phones are also mostly incapable of synching with Outlook. Turns out that Google can be your friend for solving this situation. The downside is that there are a few compromises since Google feels the need to do things differently.

NOTE: BerryReview takes no responsibility for any harm that may be caused by following the recommendations below. Proceed at your own risk and we will try to help you in the comments and forums. This is not for the feint of heart!

To give you the basic framework the simplest way to sync your contacts and calendar with your PlayBook and BlackBerry phone is to first setup your PlayBook to sync with Google. Make sure to check what contacts you currently have in Gmail/Google by going to www.google.com/contacts. Google tends to add contacts you email regularly to your contact list automatically which can get frustrating. I then recommend you connect your BlackBerry smartphone to a PC with Outlook and sync your contacts and calendar on your smartphone with your PC using Desktop Manager AND perform a full backup of your BlackBerry using Desktop Manager just in case. This is because there is a high chance of Gmail creating loads of duplicates and you want to have a backup plan.

The ideally simplest next step would be to just fire up the Email Setup Application on your BlackBerry and select your Gmail account. You then would scroll down to the bottom and select "Sync Contacts" and "Sync Calendar." That should then Sync your BlackBerry Contacts and Calendar with Gmail. The problem is this usually does not work cleanly since Google loves to duplicate things. You can try to fix that by using the Google Merge Contacts option at www.google.com/contacts.

Alternatively the best solution I have come up with is to first sync your contacts and calendar with Outlook. You then export your contacts (and calendar if you wish) using Outlook to a CSV file and then importing them into Google at www.google.com/contacts (and www.google.com/calendar). You can then download the free open source app GO Contact Sync Mod and install it to sync your Outlook contacts with Google. You set that up and it will start syncing your contacts with Gmail. Due to the redundancy of the steps before you might once again end up with duplicates. You can just use the Google Merge Contacts tool again to deal with them. If you wish to also sync your Outlook Calendar with Google you can install their free Google Calendar Sync app which allows you to sync your calendar with Outlook at regular intervals.

Once you have all of this setup you should be good to go in the future. The first step from Outlook style contacts/calendar to Gmail is painful but may be worth it for full sync. Keep in mind there are lots of caveats with this method due to Gmail being painfully stubborn in not supporting all Outlook fields. For example, Gmail likes to bunch the whole address into one field while Outlook and BlackBerrys break it up into street, city, etc. They also have no area for PIN numbers and such which usually ends up in the notes field.

There does exist a third alternative too which also has its own pros and cons. You can use Google's Google Sync app for BlackBerry which sometimes does a bit better job of synching/mapping your contacts and Calendar with your BlackBerry but fails in other ways. In short Gmail and Outlook/BlackBerry have different inconsistencies and trying to get them to work nicely together can be a bit of a chore. My guess is Google does this to start pushing people away from Outlook but that is just a guess.

Let us know if you have your own tips for getting your PlayBook and BlackBerry Smartphone contacts in sync. From what I hear RIM is planning on adding contacts and calendar sync for the PlayBook to Desktop Manager soon so that will hopefully also be an alternative. Better yet would be RIM somehow integrating it all using their Gist acquisition!

Barry pointed out to me that Joseph @CrackBerry has his own similar take on a solution if none of these options work for you!

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BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac v2.3 Adds PlayBook OS 2.0 Support

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 06:36 AM PST

BlackBerry Desktop Software Mac and PC

Last night RIM rolled out a new update to their BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac. The new update brings better support for PlayBook OS 2.0 and lets you sync your media files, backup, and restore your PlayBook along with updating its software. I know a few of you are still waiting for contacts sync but hopefully RIM has something coming for that soon!

Download the new Desktop Software for Mac from BlackBerry.com

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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PlayBook OS 2.0 Print To Go Helps You Go Green by Eliminating Printouts

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 06:25 AM PST

 Print to Go

One of the coolest new features in the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 update is Print to Go. The new software allows you to print from any application on your PC directly to your PlayBook. That means instead of printing out that 40 page PowerPoint or Word document or even website you can now simply read it on your PlayBook by printing to it. The way it works is you install the Print to Go app on your computer as a printer and when you print you just select the Print to Go printer. It will then ask you for your BlackBerry ID and password to send the document to your PlayBook. Its that easy!

Check out Print to Go at www.blackberry.com/PrintToGo or see a demo in Flash here. and here are a bunch of knowledge base articles on the subject:

I am loving what RIM has done with Print to Go. I am just hoping RIM also makes it bidirectional so you can print from your PlayBook to your PC's printer. Ofutur even suggested that RIM allow you to print to a group so you can send the documents to a friends PlayBook.

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BlackBerry PlayBook Security & Encryption with Mobile Fusion Explained

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 05:35 AM PST

Mobile Fusion Architecture

Since RIM first announced BlackBerry Mobile Fusion a few months back administrators have been asking me how RIM secures work data and applications on the PlayBook. Now that Mobile Fusion has been released in its first stage we have a much better idea of what is going on along. RIM has even released a 68 page document on how the BlackBerry PlayBook is secured and segmented with OS 2.0 and Mobile Fusion. Certain media outlets have been saying that RIM is not leveraging their infrastructure but to simplify it all RIM is essentially tunneling all of your data transport using both TLS for the transport layer security while encrypting data packets with Message Keys to protect the integrity of the messages. It gets a little more complicated with Wi-Fi 802.1x on company networks and over VPN but the concepts are similar.

Mobile FUsion and PlayBook2

What is most often confused by people is what RIM means by BlackBerry Balance on the PlayBook. RIM has divided the PlayBook into three perimeters. There is the Work perimeter, Bridge perimeter, and personal perimeter. Both the Work and Bridge perimeters are fully encrypted. The Work perimeter encrypts files using XTS-AES-256 together with a security record that also includes 512-bit random salt and several attributes of the file. That security record is the encrypted using the domain key which is yet another 512-bit random key. The process is similar for BlackBerry Bridge data which is isolated into its own perimeter and encrypted with XTS-AES-256 encryption. Sadly the PlayBook does not encrypt the personal perimeter.

Mobile FUsion and PlayBook  

Where things start to get really confusing is the fact that certain apps live in multiple perimeters which is where BlackBerry Balance comes into play. For example, the new contacts, calendar, and messages apps can live both in the personal and the work perimeter if you have Mobile Fusion activated. That is where things get really sticky and you need a whole chart to explain to you how RIM combines the two while keeping them separate. For example, it provides administrators the option to remotely wipe your work contacts, calendar, and messages without touching your personal data (with a few exceptions like browser cache). They also limit what you can access from apps that are designated personal, work, or bridge.

The fun of Mobile Fusion2

All in all I highly recommend you check out the whole 68 page document RIM has published on the subject on how the domains are segregated. I will copy a bit of how complex it gets below but the full PDF can be found here.

The fun of Mobile Fusion

PS: I know I am oversimplifying quite a bit of this but it you really were interested you would have read the 68 page document RIM put out. :)

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