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PhotoStudio by KvadGroup updated to v0.9.9.2 – It just gets more awesome

Posted: 05 Aug 2012 08:14 PM PDT

The guys behind Photo Studio, KVAD Group, has just updated their popular photo app Photo Studio Pro to version With each update, they are making the application more and more worthwhile to get and this update is no exception. This update is available for free for both free and pro edition.

This new update includes:

  • New add-on – special effects, apply 12 special effects to your photos
  • Magic tools: auto-levels and sharpening. Red eye removal is also included under this segment now
  • Set custom background for Picframes with textures
  • Customize border width in Picframes
  • Total UI improvements and fixes

Having used it for just 1 day, I must say, wow, its very impressive.

Effects is like the frame and filters combined into one. Very cool and useful feature though only 12 introduced now, its pretty good. For the new ‘Auto-levels’, it has been rather good as well, working pretty fine in most of the pictures I tested on.

In addition, the total UI improvements and fixes is really there; the processing speed has also improved considerably.

Take a look below, this is the original photo taken on the Samsung Galaxy S3

Now, after processing via PhotoStudio on the BlackBerry Bold:

There are tons of effects available and in this instance, I have only used just 3. 1 filter (romance), 1 magic tool (autolevel) and 1 effect.

The PhotoStudio application is available as a Free version at the BlackBerry App World as well as a PRO version via the BlackBerry App World.

I would really recommend getting the PRO version, this is really a good and value-for-money application. This is one of the best, if not, the best photo editing software out there available for us. Its just getting better. :D

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